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Nursing pants with press studs

39,90 €

Nursing pants Dressed in Green, from: 65% PES, 35% cotton.

Taking care of a weak one is physically and emotionally hard. It requires great patience and endurance from both the nurse and the patient. To make it easier and less challenging, Dressed in Green designed these practical, yet unique nursing clothes with exceptional features.


The essential thing about functionality is the buttons. Placed in easily accessible areas, they allow changing patient‘s clothes with minimal effort and reduce one's discomfort. For instance, Dressed in Green nursing pants are buttoned on the legs' outer sides, thus it only takes to unbutton and pull it out. Such arrangement of buttons speeds up and substantially eases the procedure for the nurse and the person in need.

Just like medical clothing, Dressed in Green nursing pieces are made of breathable, mild and soft cotton and polyester material. It is extremely comfy and resistant to frequent washing. The fabric is also coated with antimicrobial silver ions coating SilverPlus. It prevents unpleasant odors and the growth of bacteria. Such material is perfect for those who sweat excessively and are not physically active. Excellent hygiene is easily achieved even when washing the garments at temperatures below 60 degrees.

Dressed in Green nursing clothing is created with deep care and empathy. Hopefully, it will reduce one‘s troubles and provide people incolved with a well-deserved comfort.