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Three layer face mask KANABO

9,90 €

The size of the masks can be adjusted by tying the knot in the rubber bands, cutting the rubber bands in the middle, at another location, and tying the knots as needed or using hair clips.


Made of three layers: Outer - 70% polyester, 30% hemp fiber, the other 2 layers are 100% ionized polyester. With NOSE CLIP and pocket.

See below for a detailed description.


If you would like to order more than 1000 units, please contact our wholesale department directly ( find contact info in the contact section) .

This new face mask model is much better not only for its proper material of inner and outer layers but for its NOSE CLIP AND A FILTER POCKET as well.

Our functional nose clip allows adjusting the mask to one's face shape thereby making the mask tighter and safer. Both public health specialists and doctors agree that the essential thing about a good face mask is its tightness around the face. Tightness is also a beneficial thing for those wearing glasses. If the mask is quite tight, it helps prevent or significantly reduces the chances of glasses fogging upon exhalation.

In response to our customer requests, we also improved our masks by adding a pocket for the filter. It is the space between the inner and the outer layer. Depending on one’s needs, everyone can add some additional filtering materials into this pocket. However, those who are satisfied with the original two layers will not feel any difference while wearing the mask without an additional filter.

Face masks made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton fibers is an ecologically sustainable product with a special composition and is characterized by especially good water absorption and fast drying. Cannabis the fiber is organic, chemical-free and self-contained degradable and therefore has no adverse effects on the ecosystem. Cannabis fiber has antibacterial properties, so it is avoids the unpleasant smell of moisture, mold or dirt.

The mask can be washed by hands using warm water or in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 degrees. The fabric is ironable, best with a steam iron. Do not use any fabric softeners and wash it with similarly colored garments. Like all other fabrics, it can release some color during washing.

! These are not medical masks. For hygienic and epidemiological safety, it cannot be replaced or returned.